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Without "if you can dream it; you can do it" hype. The EIA Team hates empty hype; we love solid science!

[JUST IN!! We've extended Boot Camp until 30 June 2022 - Join us!!]

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Challenge begins 9 May 2022!


Hop on, hop off as you please -  No need to attend to all 12 days' content - you simply manage what you can.

What if I've just joined the boot camp and missed out on a couple of days' content: no worries! The content is broken down in bite-sized easy-to-digest content so you can catch up with ease! Just jump in right away and enjoy the journey!

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  • The opportunity to be the first to learn more about our unique Emotional Intelligence development tool that is tailored for each specific personality type.
  • 12 days of focused 5 to 7 minutes with your EIA Mentor including Q&A opportunities.
  • FREE Access to our FOUR EIA Masterclasses [replays available if you can't attend the live events].
  • Loads of surprises and bonus content to support you on your growth journey.
  • Step-by-step implementation strategies.
  • Networking with like-minded people.
  • Not just another workbook to gather dust in your drawer!
  • Leave this boot camp feeling energised, hopeful about the future (even during these very trying times!!) and realising that your truth matters!!

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Embrace and deal with everything that stands between you, healthy relationships and the fulfilling of your purpose, using a proven roadmap as well as dedicated support from your EI coaches, each step of the way?

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Meet your dedicated EIA Mentors

The EIA approach guarantees a laser-sharp intervention exactly where the individual needs it and covers 40 emotional intelligence skills that span the scope from self-awareness (where many EI tools start and end) to team, organizational and environmental awareness, adaptation and growth.

Are you at the beginning of your growth journey, have you pushed boundaries to explore, or have you never had the opportunity to grow? The aim is to help equip you to grow to your full potential within your own unique abilities and DNA. #MaximiseYourDNA #EIActivator

Hettie Brittz

Director: EI Activator and Tall Trees Profiles, Personality types and Leadership styles Expert, Founder of Evergreen Parenting and International Keynote speaker and Author of several books on temperament and parenting.

Arnel Huisamen

Director: EI Activator, MA (Social Work); PhD (Social Work), MA (Positive Psychology), master in Positive Psychology. Tall Trees and Evergreen Parenting Facilitator, personality types, temperament and relationship expert.

Annatjie van Zyl

Director: EI Activator and Tall Trees Profiles (Training and Facilitation), Personality types and Temperament Expert

Lynette Berger

Chartered Accountant (SA), Director EIA Actvator, Business Owner: YourEmpoweredPotential, JohnMaxwellTeam Independent Executive Director,  Teacher and Coach, Leadership Expert

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What people are saying about EIA Boot Camps:

Liezel Steytler

The EIA Boot Camp had a huge impact on my life. I am vey grateful that I had the privilege to attend it.

Two sessions really stood out. Firstly, the Marcus Buckingham video on strengths and weaknesses. It made so much sense (why didn't I think about it that way!) and provided me with more than one aha moment.

Realizing that what I'm good at is not necessarily a strength was so liberating! I'm really looking forward to capitalizing on my REAL strengths in the future. Then the exercise on identifying your passions...

Wow, how extremely helpful! It guided me to identify my TRUE passions. Thanks to all the presenters and my fellow EIA Boot Campers. My life has been enriched!

Jackie Badenhorst

The EIA 40-day Boot Camp has been a real eye-opening exercise for me. I discovered a great deal about myself, and received answers to a lot of 'why'-questions regarding the state of my relationships. I realised that a lot of my default-thinking and beliefs, which I thought could never be wrong, needed some scrutiny.

EIA challenges one's self-knowledge and relationship-proficiency, and can help anyone improve and grow. When it comes to personal development, getting connected to EIA will be my number one suggestion. I loved the different ways in which the material was presented, incorporating audio, video and the written word, the humour, and the opportunity to engage and learn from others. All three presenters were excellent and their knowledge of the subjects really impressed me.

I have a lot to reflect on and plan to apply what I have learned. A big thank you to the EIA Team for making us part of your journey in fulfilling your purpose. May you be blessed, as you blessed us."