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EIA 40 Day Boot Camp


This is all about growing and creating memories.

Don't forget to download and print your workbook! Use your workbook as a journal for the next 40 days.

We will switch on the following EI Genes:
✔ Knowing Me - How well do I know, manage, and express my impulses, feelings, stresses, and desires?
✔ Knowing You - How observant am I to notice your needs and boundaries and how courteously do I respond and communicate?
✔ Knowing us - How do I speak & listen in a group setting during work and socializing and what do I bring to the conflict & communication culture of my team?
✔ Knowing the World - Do I read my environment with insight into where I fit in the picture and do I observe or become actively involved?
✔ Flowing with Me - How much do I trust myself, reveal my authentic self and employ helpful thought patterns in order to reach my goals?

✔ Flowing with You - How well do I make a connection with you to collaborate with realistic, mutual expectations and with appropriate use of authority?
✔ Flowing with Us - How teachable am I within the team and how well do I play my part with respect for the process and positions of my teammates?
✔ Flowing with the World - How well do I manage change while keeping my work-life balance according to o healthy values and priorities?
✔ Growing Me - How do I overcome pride, shame, fear, and hindrances to pursue my passions without burning out?
✔ Growing You - How well do I empower you to reach your potential through encouraging support and appreciation?
✔ Growing Us - How well do I use my leadership style to solve problems, develop the team and promote each team member to maximize their opportunities?
✔ Growing the World - How committed am I to restore my environment, contribute to progress and leave an inheritance that will outlive me?

Lessons (Covering over 40 EIA Genes) consist of mixes and combinations of:
🔵 Video's
🔵 Memes
🔵 Reflection Exercises
🔵 Polls
🔵 Assessments
🔵 Bonus content, etc
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What People Are Saying:

What a privilege to have access to and be a part of this group, activating our emotional intelligence aka love for life. The program was put together with attention to detail, bringing together a much bigger picture. From, knowing, flowing and growing myself, to those around me and even the world, my vision , calling, purpose and so much more has been spoken into and encouraged. With time we come to places of complacency; wanting to just keep the status quo or being discontented, disconnected and discouraged. We all need each other. I'm learning to contribute intentionally, will help me grow exponentially!!

Emmi van Coller