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UNwrapped Open EIA Experience November 2022 - Lifetime Access

Recognize the value of your giftedness and gain the confidence to enrich and build on your gifts in pursuit of your goals, even when external forces may push you to disown these gifts and dreams!

You have a story the world needs to hear!


front-row seat for 14 days of mind-blowing online content designed to enrich and build on your gifts in persuit of your goals, even when external forces may push you to disown these gifts and dreams!

Plus These Bonuses during the 14 days we are together:

  • The opportunity to be the first to learn more about our unique Emotional Intelligence development tool that is tailored for each specific personality type.
  • 12 days of focused 5 to 7 minute-lessons with your EIA Mentors.
  • 12 EI Lessons. Each daily lesson will be available to access for only 36 hours, thereafter the lesson will go 'dark', meaning you won't be able to access the content. However, since you have bought Life-time access all the content will be made available to you after our conference has ended. This way you can still experience and enjoy the 'live' interaction 😍
  • Loads of surprises and bonus content 

  • Step-by-step implementation strategies.

  • Engage with like-minded people.

  • Visit the EIA Human Library. ** New ** (Only available during the live event)
  • Uniquely and specially designed EIA Experience Workbook: Not just another workbook to gather dust in your drawer!

  •  Learn how you can join the EIA Community at its best!

  • UNwrap your BRAIN with Prof. Ignatius Gous (replay) *

  • UNwrap your BEAUTY with AlettĂ©-Johanni Winckler (replay) *

  • UNwrap your GIFTS with Riana Nel (replay)*

*If you do want to attend these online sessions 'live' and engage with either Prof Ignatious, AlettĂ© or Riana: tickets are available at $9 | R150 per person, per session. Your Lifetime Access will only include the recording of the sessions. You will be therefore not be able to attend the live session unless you bought a ticket. Links to buy tickets will be made available during our UNwrapped conference.

Got any questions: e-mail us at [email protected]

Event hosted by EIActivator.life

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What People Are Saying:

For the first time in my life, I actually realized my worth and that I was a lot more valuable than I could ever think. It changed my outlook on life completely. For the first time I am pursuing my dreams because I know I can, and I deserve it.

Daréll Gerber

The EIA really made a big impact on my life. And what I like about the EIA is the different styles of the presenters. You are never bored, there is always something new and I love the way the lessons are structured.

Corné Human

I became aware for the first time in a way like I haven’t been before, of myself, of my defaults, of my unique characteristics, and of my potential.

Hannelle Bester

Along the way I just had so much hope and I learned so many new social and emotional skills, regarding conflict management, stress management, it’s just such a blessing to understand everybody’s temperament, and to find practical ways to apply management skills.

Anja Bronkhorst