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EIA Member Offer - Pay in Full PLUS receive an extra Bonus! Nov 2022

If the answer is a solid 'Yes, let's do this!' then let's get started - your EIA Team and fellow  Members can't wait to see you on the other side!

The EIA Member Experience will include - Level 1 

(A total value of R27 710 / $1 911)

*** Pay in Full Bonus ***

PAID ticket to annual online EIA Conference in 2022 

  • Your unique EI Activator Report with personalized growth tips beyond the EIA Boot Camp content: deeper and much more focussed
  • The EIA Landscape Success Path - a printable roadmap, new content in all 41 EIA areas, guided by your EI Activator Team
  • Access to our previous (2020) 12-day EIA Facebook Boot Camp for 12 months (get even more resources and tools!)
  • 12 months 24/7 access to the EIA content library - where all your growing membership content is stored, updated and easily accessible.
  • Reflection exercises - designed to ensure transformation and skills transfer.
  • Information about the Tree Types that are not like you, for greater insight into all basic types.
  • Exclusive access to the team of EI experts on the member page on Facebook.
  • A quarterly Group Coaching session hosted by the EIA Mentors - bring your EI Activator Report with and explore and share in valuable insigts. 
  • Submit individual questions as you progress.
  • Access to 12 pre-recorded Masterclasses - enjoy EI-related content and topics presented by experts in the field of EI.
  • A resource per topic, e.g. action guides, top tips, infographics, blogs, articles videos, podcasts, worksheets
  • EIA Member Special Welcome Kit - in the mail (snail mail!), for South African residents only.
  • Exclusive invitation to Annual Online EIA Conference (Free - if you pay in full)
  • Fast-track to Level 2 and become an EIA Trainer (Optional) at a special launch upgrade of $48pm - eligible and payable June 2023, and expand your coaching and training business even further!
  • For Corporates: CPD certificates, formal training plan and progress report - we will provide a letter of recommendation to your company to support the membership investment.

NB!! Why do we ask your physical address when you enrol?

Please provide us with your best postal address (must be physical address), so that when you enrol, we can send you your very special EIA Member’s Welcome Kit via courier! (South African Residents only) You should receive your Welcome Kit by latest end December 2022 or mid January 2023 at the latest.

Limited and never-again offer

Doors close on 31 December 2022. We do this because we will be working together with you throughout each of the following weeks and months starting from early January 2023 (date to be announced soon) when you decide to enrol.  This way we can dedicate our time and support to our special EIA Founding Members!

Nobody gets left behind - we will spend focused and dedicated time with you so you can finish strong!

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What People Are Saying:

The EIA Boot Camp had a huge impact on my life. I am vey grateful that I had the privilege to attend it. Two sessions really stood out. Firstly, the Marcus Buckingham video on strengths and weaknesses. It made so much sense (why didn't I think about it that way!) and provided me with more than one aha moment. Realizing that what I'm good at is not necessarily a strength was so liberating! I'm really looking forward to capitalizing on my REAL strengths in the future. Then the exercise on identifying your passions... Wow, how extremely helpful! It guided me to identify my TRUE passions. Thanks to all the presenters and my fellow EIA Boot Campers. My life has been enriched!

Liezel Steytler

The EIA 40-day Boot Camp has been a real eye-opening exercise for me. I discovered a great deal about myself, and received answers to a lot of 'why'-questions regarding the state of my relationships. I realised that a lot of my default-thinking and beliefs, which I thought could never be wrong, needed some scrutiny. EIA challenges one's self-knowledge and relationship-proficiency, and can help anyone improve and grow. When it comes to personal development, getting connected to EIA will be my number one suggestion. I loved the different ways in which the material was presented, incorporating audio, video and the written word, the humour, and the opportunity to engage and learn from others. All three presenters were excellent and their knowledge of the subjects really impressed me. I have a lot to reflect on and plan to apply what I have learned. A big thank you to Hettie, Annatjie and Lynette for making us part of your journey in fulfilling your purpose. May you be blessed, as you blessed us.

Jackie Badenhorst

What a privilege to have access to and be a part of this group, activating our emotional intelligence aka love for life. The program was put together with attention to detail, bringing together a much bigger picture. From, knowing, flowing and growing myself, to those around me and even the world, my vision , calling, purpose and so much more has been spoken into and encouraged. With time we come to places of complacency; wanting to just keep the status quo or being discontented, disconnected and discouraged. We all need each other. I'm learning to contribute intentionally, will help me grow exponentially!!

Emmi van Coller