To a client, the EI Activator is a virtual coach

Every client who completes an EI Activator Assessment sets out on a growth path. Each division identifies areas for growth in emotional, social, and environmental intelligence unique to the individual. The thorough report provides growth guidelines, exercises, reflections, and enriching information from a variety of sources. Social and emotional skills develop as the client processes the material related to the set of improved abilities they can benefit from. In addition to the report, clients receive ongoing input and coaching by enrolling in the EIA-program. Having four master coaches at their disposable through constant input and growth opportunities, make this program a rewarding and empowering investment.

To an accredited EIA coach, the EI Activator report is a coaching manual. Coaches using the EI Activator receive another report, called "The EI Default Report," which is generated on the EI Activator platform and is only visible to the coach of the particular client. This report contains the default behaviors of the client when growth has not taken place yet and strengths are underutilized. This compensates for the potential gap between how clients see themselves and how they truly function. While the client's report may be quite favorable and may contain only guidance based on the few areas where the client's self-assessment admitted the need for growth, the Default Report will give guidance based on the client's natural tendencies  - the EI strengths and weaknesses that belong to their personality style (which we call their EI DNA). Each client's tur functioning lies somewhere between that raw DNA and the way they perceive themselves. Thus, the EIA coach will have all the tools to grow even those areas that may be in their client's blind spot!

To all EI Activator users, the EIA Team is your cheerleader. Through the various levels of membership and training offered by the EIA Team, our EI Activator community can choose their level of engagement. Join our occasional free masterclasses and boot camps, or level up and embark on a clear growth path. Go for gold by applying to become an EIA coach. Your choice; your growth! We know how to maximize your DNA and we can't wait to hear you say "I'm ready!"

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