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Hettie Brittz

(Co-author of the EI Activator Report and Co-founder of the EIA)

Many people have contributed to my life in their unique ways - each giving me permission, encouragement and skills to live a purposeful live, sustained by a calling that I am becoming surer and surer of each year. These certainties includes the firm knowledge that we are meant to be unique, that our uniqueness is a compass needle that points to our True North, that that North truly matters and that there is life, provision, overflow and generosity at that place, because when we operate there, it is God Himself who leads and teaches us to lead.

A few deeply humbling and life-altering experiences - the hardest two were possibly climbing Kilimanjaro and starting a new life in the USA in my late forties - have shaped me. The first "climb" tortured some of my worst characteristics out of me  - those that are not helpful in either life  in general or leadership; the second taught me the extent to which we are lost without a support structure that believes in our calling. These two things I want to do with a mixture of compassion and challenge: I want to be your sherpa while you climb your mountains, but also the sherpa that firmly refuses to let you remain stuck because you're not at Uhuru yet. (Kilimanjaro's peak is called Uhuru and means "freedom").

Let's become free together: free to be true to our DNA, free to allow others to be true to theirs, free to leave the part of the past that does not serve a purpose, free to grow, free to fail in the unimportant and temporary matters of life, and free to expect life to be tremendously meaningful! 

"Know your design; live your purpose!"


International publications

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Featured on MOMCon, 100 Huntley Street, the Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast, and in other media 

I consider myself privileged to have had opportunities to speak on motherhood, parenting, personality and leadership in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, the Ukraine, England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UAE, China, and the USA.

Some highlights have been a long relationship with Focus on the Family Africa, and two opportunities to speak on the Daily Show, the privilege of leading two breakout sessions during MOMCon 2016 and 2018 respectively, and 2 years of having weekly parenting inserts on the South African national TV channel, KykNet.

My publisher, David C Cook did an excellent job opening doors for me onto American media stages and into publications such as the following:

100 Huntley Street
CTN HomeKeepers
WATC Babbie's House
Lesea's Harvest Show

Family Talk - Dr. Meg Meeker Show
KJAK 92.7 FM
The Hub NM
Blog Talk Radio - Life Lessons
Blog Talk Radio - Inspirational Conversations
KBRT - KCBC The Bottom Line
Family Life Today
KKMS On the Way with Ridgeway
KCFY Midday Café
Focus on the Family
Faith Place Radio - The Debbie Chavez Show
Moody Radio Java with Juli
WAWZ Star Cares
Toginet Radio - Girlfriend It
KKVI The Valder Beebe Show
Cru Making Your Life Count
WMPC Off the Bookshelf
KPDQ Georgene Rice Show
KOGA-AM/FM Midwest Opinions
WDWD/WNIV Faith Talk Live
KGCB Portraits
WNPQ Morning Show

CBA Market

Faith Filled Family
Thriving Family

Today's Christian Living

Here is a selection of these recordings and articles:{"issue_id":320214,"page":48}

I continue to enjoy speaking internationally, and writing. I hope to have a book ready worth featuring here within the next year!  

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Lynette Berger CA(SA), MCom

(Co-author of the EI Activator Report and Co-founder of the EIA)

A couple of years ago, I exchanged my corporate role as Senior Financial Manager and acting CFO within the oil and gas industry to follow my heart’s desire – that of making an impactful difference in the lives of young upcoming professionals. Little did I know how this dream would unfold in something unimaginable!

I always loved the academics and completed my Masters degree during 2015 in South African and International Taxation. My mini-dissertation was based on the Income Tax implications of Bitcoin exchange transactions. But the dream unfolded even more, when my passion for coaching, teaching and mentoring resulted in several more opportunities.

Apart from being involved in the lecturing and assessment of young upcoming professionals, I met with Hettie Brittz and Annatjie van Zyl – Founders of Tall Trees Profiles and became a certified facilitator in the Tall Trees philosophy on temperament styles.

A further business partnership was established when I engaged with Tall Trees Profiles and ProBeta Training to introduce leadership training and developmental courses to the accounting, tax and auditing profession in South Africa.  The partnership is currently involved in a project on Emotional Intelligence, in matching one’s EI DNA to the situations in which one will naturally excel first, and then to take on more challenged areas in one’s own EI DNA, and grow tall.

I am also an accredited trainer and consultant in DISC dimensions,  certified JohnMaxwell Team Member, speaker, trainer and coach and Executive Director to the JohnMaxwellTeam, where I serve under the leadership and mentorship of Dr John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli (President of the JohnMaxwellTeam), Roddy Galbraith (Speaker lane) and Marc Cole (Leadership lane).

The world is ripe for your message. It is time. I support John Maxwell's view: "We believe leaders need to step up for such a time as this... To believe something so audacious—that we truly can change the world".

Prov. 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart."

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Featured in Accountancy SA Magazine 

Privilege to be in the same room as innovative, out of the box thinkers and inspirational leaders who embarked on different journeys, different worlds, doing different things while capitalising on their unique talents, key strengths and interests!

Thank you to our partners, Hettie Brittz and Annatjie van Zyl at Tall Trees Profiles and Connected Life, Waldie Pienaar, who made this all possible through collaboration, creativity, inspiration, shared passion and vision and of course 'out of the box' thinking. We are proud and it is our privilege to have you as our business partners! What an adventure it has been this far!

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Dr Arnel Huisamen Zyl

MA (Social Work); PhD (Social Work), MA (Positive Psychology), EI Activator Co-owner

I am a retired social worker, who displayed way too much loyalty by sticking with my first job in the South African Police Service (SAPS) for 27 years. I realised that my passion for people and love of learning could be perfectly combined by focusing on skills development and subsequently pursued a Masters and Doctorate in Social Work, concentrating on the evaluation of soft skills training to members of SAPS.

As demands on personnel (and life in general) increased, the need for mental toughness became more evident and in my planning and design of a resilience programme I stumbled upon the field of Positive Psychology. A whole new world unfolded for me and it was as if the puzzle just fitted perfectly – my natural curiosity lead me to enroll for a Masters in Positive Psychology and my inherent optimism embraced the science wholeheartedly.

Currently I combine all of the above to facilitate, train and coach to optimise potential. I value relationships, integrity, kindness, gratitude and especially my relationship with God – my decisions are often guided by the words “Choose Life!” and I had the opportunity to put this into action when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Given a new lease on life, I strive to pursue this by also making others aware that LIFE is so much more than just being alive. My dream is to travel and share this philosophy, emphasising that silver linings start with dark clouds!


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Annatjie van Zyl

(Co-author of the EI Activator Report and Co-founder of the EIA)

Being very introspective, growing human potential is a topic that has always resonated with me. My journey started 22 years ago with the birth of my oldest daughter. I stood before a decision - do I raise her as I was raised, or do I change, and raise her differently? The choice to change - thought patterns, belief systems, self-image - was hard & difficult in the beginning. So much baggage – hurt, unforgiveness, resentment, feeling very sorry for myself. It took courage – and most of the time it wasn’t mine but given to me by Grace. I faced the same choice in my marriage. Do I want to settle for the example shown to me, or do I want to work for a more satisfying marriage that honors God?

When both my daughters were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I had to choose again. Do I still believe that God has a plan for us, that He is in control of our very lives, and that He loves us?   

Making the right choice every time took effort and hard work. However, when I began to see the benefits of growing – in myself, my relationships, my faith – it was something that I wanted to pass on and share with others.

If there is one thing that my work with so many people has taught me, it is that there is potential - a gift - in each of us. It brings me great joy to help others discover that. I know that life is hard, that you can be brought low by circumstances. But I also know that each of us has it in us to persevere, to change.  Teaching principles that alter thinking is so energizing to me! Helping others to understand something clearly, at last, makes my day.

So be brave and step up, or step out! You can have a better life, a different way of thinking. You can be free!

The freedom I treasure most is freedom of the mind because we are our worst prison wardens. Come and discover ways to escape the prison in your mind and be liberated to become useful to God.

"You are a gift meant for others. Become unwrapped. Become unconfined."

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