As a leader you are constantly on display - being watched, judged, and even mirrored - let's make sure that it's a pretty display!

Don't worry - no beauticians or make-up involved!


Being a leader involves people....and people come with emotions - loads and loads of it!

Professionalism are not typically associated with emotions, and therefore people are often encouraged to leave their emotions outside the boardroom door. This however can result in leaders being caught off-guard when unwanted emotions manifests unexpectedly!


Do not be caught off-guard...rather embrace the power that these emotions can bring to the boardroom table!

What you can expect..

  • 90 minutes filled with powertools for your leadership toolbox
  • Explore the power that emotions bring into the boardroom
  • Practical tools to ignite your leadership power
  • Individualized application of these strategies to your personality and leadership type and to the big decisions on your table today.
  • Access to our team of coaches for additional EI Activation, because we know how to empower your potential and grow your life!
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  • 90-minutes filled with powertools for your leadership toolbox

  • No one-size-fits-all hacks

  • Discover your leadership power tool and page through the instruction manual  (that you wish you had!)

  • Igniting your power as a leader

  • Individualised application to your personality and leadership type

  • Free download of a leadership guide to handle emotions in the boardroom

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